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Donnie and the Dry Heavers

Respected Insights

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Dave Carter, Host of WETS, Tri-Cities NPR Station

"I can tell you, in 25 years of doing this [radio show], I can't think of too many other sessions that I've enjoyed more than this. I am telling you, you guys are tops!"


JP Parsons, Host of Radio Bristol, WBCM

"Today's sessions were some of the most fun I've had hosting this show! Wonderful performances from Donnie & the Dry Heavers..."


Doctor Scott and Doctor Steve, The Beer Run Kingsport/Weird Medicine Podcast

I want to send a big heartfelt thank you to the band Donnie and the Dry Heavers! You guys are by far the best band in the Tri-Cities area. You guys mix classic soulful music we all grew up with and love with some new added flavor, and a perfect mix of some Donnie and the Dry Heavers original songs.  I hope that as you guys continue to mature and travel, anyone in the area will come see you, they will see and feel the love! We cannot wait to have you in our Weird Medicine studio, show you off to all of our Weird Medicine friends on SiriusXM radio and our podcast! Thank you from The Beer Run of Kingsport, and of course Doctor Scott (owner of The Beer Run) and Doctor Steve (Host of the "Weird Medicine" podcast).

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